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The Front Cover is a dynamic 6 member Toronto Entertainment Band. Each of these talented friends and bandmates brings with them a wealth of live performing experience including upscale corporate functions, company parties, weddings, awards and graduation ceremonies, at various convention centres, on festival stages, and in professional theatres on Broadway, in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Vancouver, New York, Miami and Russia.


You can be sure that The Front Cover will make your event a great celebration for all. They are best known for their tight vocal and instrumental sound, high energy performance and song variety suitable for all musical tastes and ages. The Front Cover is a leading edge band celebrating popular tunes including, (but not limited to), Top 40, Pop, Rock/Alternative, Easy Listening, Disco, Latin, Oldies, 50s. Feel free to ask for a copy of their demo tracks to get a taste of how dynamic The Front Cover truly is.




Danny is a singer/songwriter, and actor with notable credits to his name, both nationally and internationally. Danny received The Arts Acclaim Award 2006 in recognition of his outstanding achievement while singing for live audiences across the United States, Europe and Canada. 

Danny’s journey has led him to sing and act in countless theatres and concert halls across the United States, Europe and Canada alongside renowned Producers Ed & David Mirvish and Waxman & Williams; famous Musical Composers A.R. Rahman, Christopher Nightingale, and Finnish group Varttina; world renowned Directors Matthew Warchus and Steven Pimlott; renowned Musical Directors Paul Bogaev, Rick Fox and Jim Abbott; famous Choreographers Anthony Van Laast, Peter Darling, Krista Monson, Danny Austin, Rob Tannion and Lisa Stevens. Notable Theatre Credits include: World Premiere of Lord of theRings, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams on Broadway, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease and Joey & Gina’s Comedy Wedding.



Leslie Anne is a soulful music artist known for her power vocals and lyrical style. Her versatile singing abilities contribute to her vast repertoire of songs from all genres: Rock, Ballad, Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B, Alternative, Pop, Disco, Latin, and Classical; to all time periods, from the 1950’s to current top Billboard Charts. She is a professional singer and songwriter, who has been performing for over 10 years with numerous live bands in Toronto.

She has performed on several stages around the GTA including The Opera House, The Toronto Metro Convention Centre, El Mocambo, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Rockpile, and many more. She is well-known for her energetic stage presence, her powerful vocals, and her passion for music. Leslie Anne is also a certified Music Teacher for the Peel District School Board. As a Concert Band and Choir Conductor, she teaches all instruments to Middle School students. Leslie is a well-rounded musician; proficient in all orchestral instruments, piano, guitar, and percussion. Her love for music radiates not only on stage, but also in helping pass the gift of music appreciation to children.




Brian is an active musician from Toronto. Originally from Incheon, South Korea, he was brought to Canada at a very young age. After his encounter with drums in high school, playing drums and music has not stopped since.
Playing in variety of situations ranging from musicals, jazz trios, and even hip hop, Brian adds his own influences and approach to broad range of music. While bringing fresh sound to the music he’s playing in, he is still hungry for new sounds and ways to play music.
Apart from playing drums, he produces and composes for films, games, and different artists. Be on the look out for his own project very soon!


Lead Guitar

Louis is a versatile guitar player who for the past 15 years has pushed his abilities to test through his level of exploration and experimentation from the theoretically to the definitely. He is a perpetual learner when it comes to music and is always schooling himself on musical theory, and progressions, but never forgetting the foundational mechanics of music that made rock’n’roll rock. Over the years Louis has taught many aspiring musicians to pick up an instrument and through the combination of a positive musical direction and self exploration, he has helped them develop their own personal style. Louis is a well versed musician who is very proficient on a wide range of instruments, from bass to drums, to ukulele, to the piano and more. He is always interested in teaching himself new things, and adopting new ideas to add to his creative style of playing and sound. He is also a singer and songwriter, who loves to record, and edit and take his musical theory and knowledge to new developments. It is said that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt with the heart. Thus is true with music in every facet of its creation, from the beginning of an incomplete idea, to a completed polished recording; if it’s not felt in the heart then it’s not complete.



Keyboards, Rythym Guitar, Bass

Lloyd is relatively new to the industry, but has some experience in music.  He is renowned for his skills in playing the Kazoo.  Also spends time arranging gangster rap music for the jaw harp.


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